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LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile (also called LVT) has become the most versatile and popular flooring of modern homes. LVT flooring is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and can be made to look like hardwood, tile, travertine, or any other style of flooring. Though vinyl flooring has been around for 15 years in commercial buildings, LVT flooring is becoming the top choice of designers for residential flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT flooring has become the fastest-growing,  most versatile, and most popular category in the flooring business. Why? Luxury vinyl flooring provides the look and elegance of wood, tile, or stone without the worry! LVT flooring brings fashion to your home in various shapes, sizes, textures, and installation options.

LVT flooring is waterproof; this was the primary reason it was created; a super tough, resilient, waterproof material that is perfect for restaurants, businesses, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and even outdoor flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Benefits

The Perfect Flooring for any Room

LVT flooring provides an array of options and designs, from timeless woodgrains to pops of vibrant color. So whether you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated look or a bold statement piece, vinyl flooring can offer the perfect combination of comfort and style. These tiles are available in an array of shades and come with various textures that range from polished to distressed. Thanks to today’s advanced printing technology, vinyl flooring can even mimic the look of genuine wood and realistic stone visuals without sacrificing performance or quality.

A Sustainable Choice

Luxury Vinyl flooring is an incredibly sustainable option, designed to provide long-lasting durability and deliver high-performance ratings in terms of meeting LEED and WELL certification standards. In addition, with its non-phthalate plasticizers, this type of flooring offers superior resistance to the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms due to its sealed construction, making it ideal for homes, businesses, and healthcare facilities.

Durable and Easy Maintenance

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for an easy-maintenance, resilient surface. LVT flooring is extremely durable, resistant to everyday wear and tear, such as scuffs and stains, and water resistant. Additionally, unlike other types of vinyl flooring, LVT flooring does not require waxing or special treatments to keep it looking its best. Plus, because of its waterproof qualities, spills can be wiped up quickly without causing any lasting damage protecting your investment for years to come.

LVT Flooring Installation You Can Count On

Call Lighthouse Floors now to experience the luxury and elegance of LVT flooring installation. Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with unmatched quality and expertise, ensuring that your home or business is outfitted with beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance floors. In addition, we use only the finest materials available, so you can be sure that your floors are designed to last for many years to come. Contact us today, and let us show you how easy it is to upgrade your space with premium LVT flooring!


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